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If you like something, let me know, please. Faves are nice, but improvement only comes with criticism.



Pogo Knight: Animated Fighting
Pogo Knight, the fully animated sprite! For the unaware, here's my initial drawing of him:…

The concept of a battle with Pogo Knight would be... well, bouncing. He'd be bouncing all around the arena, while you either try to slash at him and knock him away, or bounce on top of him. Basically, you want to be higher then he is. On the ground, you're vulnerable to getting stomped. On the same level, and he'll sock you with his pogo punch. And even while you're bouncing on top of him, he can block you by pulling out the punch. Hitting either of his gloves would merely knock him back without damaging him. You have to specifically aim for him and not his ride or weapon to deal damage.

This guy took me a while to pull off effectively. Shovel Knight's style is bit more lenient on color usage then your average NES styled game, allowing up to five colors per sprite. Most characters stick to one side of the color wheel and follow a simple color progression from light to dark on their design. It took me a good long while to find an acceptably limited palette that fit his red and blue color scheme while still allowing me to add a real sense of depth to him.

I also wanted to avoid the old "Ambidextrous Sprite" issue most games have. Shovel Knight was all about impossible levels of polish, so I made sure that every detail of his asymmetrical design was flipped when he turns around. 

What do you think? I really want feedback on this one.
Captain Toad and Wanda
Ready for adventure!

Now that Nintendo is bringing back old-school puzzle games starring Mario's friends like in the days of the SNES, I decided to re-imagine one of the more obscure characters from that era, Wanda the Fairy. If you don't remember her, she's from the games: "Mario and Wario" and "Wario's Woods".

I made her a Sprixie, to better fit with the current Mushroom Kingdom bestiary, and threw in Captain Toad for good measure.
(You're welcome,:icontmason101: ) It'd be great to see her team up with the good captain in a future game, hearkening back to yesteryear.
Alright, so I've gotten access to stable internet for my 3DS, and can now swap friend codes with everyone!

My code is 1977-0240-2373. Swap away!
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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I'm a massive fan of video games, and such, most of my work is sprite related or game related in some fashion.

My dream is to one day work as a graphical developer for games, TV shows, and movies.

I also enjoy reading, writing, acting, and watching cartoons.

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I have to admit, your sprites are very impressive, including the Clown Kart Dash one. ^^
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