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If you like something, let me know, please. Faves are nice, but improvement only comes with criticism.


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by JINNdev

This... This is absolutely gorgeous! This is what pixel art is all about! I've dabbled in HD-izing sprites into pixel art before, so I ...

This was brilliant! I figured it had to be a video after I couldn't control the title screen, but I wasn't expecting the end at all! Fi...


Manny Transmission and the Gear Box
Hoy. Today we re-learned that living beings are way harder to animate then machines.

Here's Manny Transmission, pilot of the shape-shifting mech, the Gear Box. The core idea I had behind this concept is "What if Dr. Eggman/Bowser Jr. was the hero of a game?" I've always loved little person-sized vehicles, especially if they can transform, and I relish any chance in a game to take command of one. I've also drawn inspiration from games like Blaster Master and Drill Dozer, where upgrading and transforming your mech play a large role in how you progress.

The overall style was inspired by old black-and-white cartoons. It seemed like a good match for a pseudo 8-bit aesthetic, and hasn't been done to death by other pixel artists. It also goes well with the "Steampunk Western" environment I'm planning to build around these two. 
A Switch of the hat.
So, I've been wanting to play as Poppy Bro Jr. in a Kirby game again since Superstar Ultra. As you can imagine, the trailer for Kirby Switch had me very, VERY excited.

I actually had the idea to draw Poppy in the new Bomb hat a while back, It just took it actually happening in the games to make me go ahead and do it.
Gear Shift
Just a little style experiment for a game involving a shape-shifting, steampunk mech. What do you think?

Edit: I cleaned up the pilot's face a bit and fixed the tailpipe to look more animated and less... freudian.
Robots Are Fun!
Somehow, I don't think protesting Haltmann is going to save Popstar, Tiff.

This was made for a Youtube channel I work on, The Annotation Station, specifically, our riff on Kirby, Right Back At Ya. Definitely one of the more fun shows that we've tackled.

(No, working on the channel isn't why I haven't put anything up in a while. I've just had a mad case of Art Block.)
He's waiiiiting.
Getting some animation practice in. Wanted to try and make it really smooth and detailed.

I also noticed a few little quirks in the last Sonic sprite that needed ironing out. Mostly in the eyes and the overall posture.
Alright, so I've gotten access to stable internet for my 3DS, and can now swap friend codes with everyone!

My code is 1977-0240-2373. Swap away!
  • Listening to: Pokemon Y Soundtrack
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  • Playing: Pokemon Y
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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I'm a massive fan of video games, and such, most of my work is sprite related or game related in some fashion.

My dream is to one day work as a graphical developer for games, TV shows, and movies.

I also enjoy reading, writing, acting, and watching cartoons.


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