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If you like something, let me know, please. Faves are nice, but improvement only comes with criticism.



Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes!
Super Mario: Vector by Cyberguy64
Super Mario: Vector
Drawn in pencil, inked in Sharpie, scanned, and vectorized in Inkscape. This is my first real attempt at vector work. This is actually part of a larger project, but I quite liked how this came out, especially for my first attempt at inking and coloring a drawing with Inkscape, so I wanted to share it.
Kirby: The Skilled Technician by Cyberguy64
Kirby: The Skilled Technician
So, in case it isn't immediately obvious, I'm quite stoked for Kirby Planet Robobot.

I've always been of the opinion that one of the Kirby series' greatest strengths is its ability to make you feel absurdly powerful. Thus, even though the games are technically easy affairs overall, they're still just plain fun to play. Nintendo seems to agree with me, as they've been adding more and more super special powers to Kirby to make him even more OP. The Super abilities were flashy, but didn't give the player much input in how they performed. They were essentially using Mike over and over again. Hypernova was a step up, as it required a bit of cleverness to use, and wasn't just "Press button to win." But still favored style over substance.

The Robobot Armor looks to be the perfect fusion of "Flashy, OP Style" and "Technical, Gameplay Substance." It kinda reminds me of the Animal Buddies from the Dreamland Saga. I only hope it's not a limited affair, like NSMB Yoshi, and it can be taken from level to level. If it was unable to heal and broke down once it took enough damage, that'd be balanced enough to allow toting it to other stages, right? Here's hoping.

At any rate, have some fanart. Done in pencil and Sharpie.
Paper Mario Sticker Star 2: Because Nintendo hates you, That's why.
Cobalt faces by Cyberguy64
Cobalt faces
Done in pencil and sharpie. Wanted to get some more practice in with hand-drawn stuff, and get a bit of a character sheet for Cobalt started as well.

I decided to forgo any sort of digital work on these this time. I don't really have the tools at the moment to do the inks any sort of justice.
Alright, so I've gotten access to stable internet for my 3DS, and can now swap friend codes with everyone!

My code is 1977-0240-2373. Swap away!
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  • Playing: Pokemon Y
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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I'm a massive fan of video games, and such, most of my work is sprite related or game related in some fashion.

My dream is to one day work as a graphical developer for games, TV shows, and movies.

I also enjoy reading, writing, acting, and watching cartoons.

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